This was the first true creation of the Lightning Temple Project .  We had the exciting opportunity to bring it to Maker Faire Bay Area 2009, which gave the team the right kick in the butt to actually produce something remarkable on a shoestring and off-work-hours!

The interactivation station is a 6 person musical instrument and sampler that is designed to play its sound through an audio modulated tesla-coil.  Participants interface with the object at one of six consoles that allow them access via buttons to a unique set of eight samples.  Various programming and wiring (primarily using Pure Data, MIDI and Arduino micro controllers) were developed to allow the sonic output to blend rather well.  Most people who gave the device a try for more than a minute were pretty impressed at how good the composition sounded despite 6 strangers with varying degrees of attentiveness playing it.  Of course, if 6 people really concentrated and worked together, they would very capable of creating something quite amazing.

My main contribution to the project was in the department of physical design and construction logistics.  Working closely with David Hippchen and Brent Heyning to facilitate means and methods, we refined the design from a rather beefy and unrealistic, albeit appealing, look down to a streamlined, CNC milled arrangement.  There are still a few tweaks and additions to be made, so updates will be made.

For now, please take a look at some of my design sketches and working drawings, along with some photos of the station in construction and in use at Maker Faire.  Check out more Maker Faire Lightning temple photos here.

Lightning Temple -

Interactivation Station: first run

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