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Matt Davis Radio  - Matthew Davis

   Musician, composer, and collaborator. - David Guttman

   Programmer, interactive vizualist, code-mentor. - Amanda Young

   Artist, seamstress, fashioner of beautiful objects. - Matt Pinnder

   Technological fashion guru, programmer, software designer, hacker

organizations - Lightning Temple

   Community of artists, designers, technicians, musicians, builders and doers collaborating to create a large scale art installation, performance stage and show involving various interactive technologies and tesla coils!  I have been involved in design and graphics for different elements. - Mindshare Los Angeles

   Gathering of interesting individuals, with talks, installations and drinks! - Syyn Labs

   Extremely multi-talented group of hackers, designers, artists and technologists in the LA area.  Keep an eye on these guys, they are doing amazing things! - Crash Space

   An LA based Hackerspace.  “... a collection of hackers, programmers, builders, makers, artists and people who generally like to break things and see what new things we can build with the pieces.”


flickr  - my flickr site, assortment of more refined photography, candid and random shots, along with some portfolio work

vimeo - mainly where I am starting to put my motion graphics experiments and other such things


[namethemachine] - the web-presence for the project I am working on in collaboration with Matthew Davis.  This project aims to create a live performance atmosphere that integrates audio and visual performance into a synesthetic and psychedelic journey for the performers (Matt and I) along with the audience.