about me

    Thank you for visiting.  I am an artist and designer currently living in the Los Angeles area. 

I am trained in architecture and aim to use  my skills and design sensibilities learned in the field to enhance my creative endeavors.  Primarily, these are focused on creating meaningful statements concerning the human condition by applying cutting edge technology in combination with age-old truths.  I still have many truths to learn and technologies to master, and so this journey goes on...

   Along with my more lofty creative pursuits I enjoy working on collaborative design projects including architecture, performance and interactive media installations.  I make my living in these disciplines.


    This website is my offering into our wondrous and terrifying information prosthesis that is the internet.  I will continue to add and update this site as I gain a bit more skill in the ways of web interaction.  For now, please excuse the simplicity and have a look around!

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Current endeavors include:

  1. +Building a highly integrated multi-media audio/visual performance arrangement with a good friend and like minded adventurer. We aim to blur the distinction between music and visual art in order to get to the root feeling of both of these.   We also aim to get people grooving...  please visit for more info and media.

  1. +Using the amazing development environment, TouchDesigner ( ), to create real-time and pre-rendered visual compositions and animations.  I post many of my studies and progress here, and occasionally perform the live works as a VJ in the Los Angeles area.

  1. +Working as an interactive media architect and real time graphics artist, primarily with VSquared Labs (

  1. +Continuing to draw and explore my own mind/world connection through and abstract drawing. 

  1. +Exploring and learning techniques for using computer programming as an artistic tool.

You can find me on flickr here, YouTube here, and Vimeo here.

Feel free to send me a note here:

peter AT petersistrom DOT com